Browns Ferry earns Exemplary INPO rating

Aug 5, 2022

The official results of the Browns Ferry World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Peer Review were shared with TVA CEO Jeff Lyash and TVA Nuclear Leadership this week. Browns Ferry was rated as Exemplary by industry peers - the highest rating awarded in the nuclear industry.  

The peer team recognized significant improvement in overall performance at Browns Ferry and commended the team on its proactiveness in addressing challenges in human performance and equipment reliability. 

The feedback also include opportunities for further improvement, including  addressing challenges in adhering to WANO standards of excellence and establishing a prevention and forward-looking mindset to performance improvement.  

“I am honored to be a part of this team and the results received reflect the high level of dedication our employees exhibit each day to safely operating our units,” said Browns Ferry Site Vice President Matt Rasmussen. “We can take pride in this moment as a team while recognizing there is still work to be done to become the Best Leading the Rest.” 

“Congratulations to the entire Browns Ferry team on this significant accomplishment and thank you to the Watts Bar, Sequoyah and Fleet Center team members who lent their support in helping Browns Ferry become the first of our fleet to receive the Exemplary rating,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Tim Rausch. “Peer reviews are designed to provide us with insight on where improvements are needed to achieve performance excellence. The results of this review indicate we are well positioned to achieve our goal of top fleet in the nation by 2025 and we continue on our journey to bring all three of our nuclear stations to an Exemplary rating. We appreciate the feedback received from our peer team and will apply learnings to strengthen performance across the fleet.”